Rental Real Estate

As of today, Netz United States (H.Y) Ltd owns more than 3,000 rental residential and commercial units in the US , in a Value of approximately 225M US Dollars, and intends on extending this area . the assets are located in various cities throughout the United States including Florida, Atlanta, Georgia, Connecticut, and over 1000 units adjacent to Yale University in New Haven, CT. The Company owns and operates itsown management company with headquarters in New Haven, CT.

Our portfolio

currently includes 300 properties which are characterized by high occupancy rates (above 90%) stable locations, with low risk level.
The assets include approximately 3,000 residential units, commercial and office space for rent, at different sizes in Connecticut and Florida;
Portfolio currently valued at USD 225 million;

Our Vision

Maximize our Shareholders Value while enlarging our portfolio, our cash flow and Dividends.
We intend to expand our portfolio both in existing locations and new ones all over the US. That is in order to achieve continuous growth in profits and increase in the value of the company.
We believe that the best way of managing an asset is with Local Management Team, with Mandy Management we can assure that the assets are managed in the best efficient way which will provide us both excellent care for the renters and reduction in management cost.


Focusing on real estate in the United States;
Activity in various fields of yield assets including residential, multi-family, retail, offices (Section 8).
Identification and purchase of assets (mainly apartments) at a low price (such as from banks) with the potential to increase yield from rent and reduced costs resulting from efficient management methodology.
Targeted selection of locations with stable occupancy rates over time, areas of high demand even in times of crisis;
 Hands on management via a dedicated US subsidiary